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Somitra B.V. was founded in 2012 in The Netherlands. Our competitive advantages are the knowledge of doing business in the Middle East, our broad network of competent business partners in the region as well as in Europe and our entrepreneurial spirit when we face challenges and opportunities.
Leveraging these competitive advantages, the core business of Somitra B.V. is to provide a well-founded “bridge” for western (particularly European) solution providers to enter the, often-unexplored yet attractive, market of the Middle East.

Somitra B.V. functions are accomplished with a very competent, highly motivated and team work oriented group of experts who are dedicated to fully satisfy our current and future customers. The diverse professional experiences of the management team in engineering, consulting and business sectors help further to understand customers’ needs and targets and to deliver the right solution from available options. As one of Somitra B.V.’s ambitions, we develop our employees’ capabilities and provide an enjoyable work environment which encourages innovation, honesty, fairness and a sense of entrepreneurship, while ensuring business success.

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