Procurement & Sourcing

Oil, Gas & Petrochemical Industry

Procurement & Sourcing

Water & Wastewater Industry

Procurement & Sourcing


Procurement & Sourcing



at this stage, we open up a case for sourcing an item which our clients need. We discuss the basics and musts and must-nots, and general domain of the request with a brief overview of the item. If we find the project/task of sourcing the item mutually acceptable, we will enter the next stage of SOMITRA sourcing process.

Technical Specification

we will get a detailed spec sheet of the item of the interest with as much known details by the client as possible such as part number, use, potential suppliers of interest, origins, etc. SOMITRA will record these spec details and then enters the nest stage.

Supplier Selection

at this point, here in SOMITRA we look into our network of suppliers and try to find a match for the item we are inquiring for. The potential suppliers and potential costs of the item will then be communicated to our client. One item/supplier will be decided on together with SOMITRA client.


With the terms and conditions negotiated through the previous stages, SOMITRA will now make a contract with the supplier and arrange the shipment of the item to the client.

Procurement & Sourcing

Somitra offers clients an impressive depth of expertise in oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Water & Wastewater Treatment, Information Technology, Renewable Energy, Construction Materials, Printing Materials, Medical & Pharmaceutical Equipment and Agri Food Industry.

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