Solvents are liquids or gases that can dissolve or extract other substances. They are used to dissolve grease, oil, and paint; to thin or mix pigments, paint, glue, pesticides, and epoxy resins; to clean electronics, automotive parts, tools, and engines; and to make other chemicals.

Products that contain solvents include paint, ink, coatings, household cleaners, dry cleaning fluid, spot removers, adhesives, pharmaceuticals, personal care products, nail polish remover, microelectronics, automotive products, metal and vapor degreasers, paint strippers and thinners, refrigerants, foam-blowing agents, and coolants.

Industries that use solvents include dry cleaning, painting, printing, soap manufacturing, paint removing, textile manufacturing, asphalt paving, manufacturing of printed circuit boards and semiconductors, cleaning of printed circuit boards, agriculture and food production, pesticide application, hospitals, oil painting, and art restoration.

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